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      (except holiday weekends) 

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Visit the Long Island Telephone Museum and step back in time to when your mobile telephone was in the nearest phone booth, and your home phone was wired to the wall.  Learn how Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson invented the telephone.  Touch and try all the telephone artifacts through the decades. 

In many other museums, things can only be seen. In our museum visitors can handle, listen to and touch      authentic interactive exhibits and artifacts.

The Long Island Telephone Museum has numerous mannequins and animatronics to showcase our many displays on operations, service and the history of communications.

The Pioneers were formed in 1911 with the help of Alexander Graham Bell. Today it consists of active and retired employees who volunteer thousands of hours of community service each year. 

Answering the Call of Those in Need

Founded by Ralf Krause, the museum is in space provided by the previous New York Telephone Company in 1990 and is now hosted by Verizon.  All the exhibits have been created, constructed and are staffed by volunteers of New Vision Pioneers Paumanok Chapter #85

History Is Calling!


Tours of the museum are offered to groups on weekdays throughout the year by appointment only, Call us!

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Visit the Long Island Telephone Museum and step back in time to when your mobile phone was the nearest phone booth

Angus Macdonald

"The Sprit of Service"

Learn about Angus Macdonald, a lineman during the  blizzard of 1888, he made sure not a single call was lost and helped passengers that were stranded on a train stuck in the snow for 2 days. He was the inspiration for the slogan "The Sprit of Service"

Evolution Of the Pay Telephone

Enjoy seeing how the payphone changed through the years

Telephone Gallery

The gallery is  surrounded by the largest collection of telephones in the area 

See, feel and touch original period telephones dating as far back as the 1880's

Wooden Magneto Wall Set

Nassau Nelly

Nassau Nelly depicts an operator at a big business in the 1940's!

An original fully stocked and ready to go to work 1967 Ford Econoline New York Telephone Truck 

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